Pneumo Planet

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6. Moonbug

The lower the gravity and the rougher the terrain, the more advantages legs have over wheels or even caterpillar drives. Unlike a wheeled vehicle, the center of gravity can be shifted by stretching out or pulling the legs together. Legs can dig into the ground and splay toes to anchor themselves. In this way, the Moonbug can brace itself against forces that could cause it to tip over.

This legged vehicle can climb extremely steep slopes and can walk equally well in all directions. The cabin and shovel can rotate freely and operate in all directions. The vehicle is versatile. By plugging on different modular tools it also can drill into rock, or work as a transportation vehicle.

In order to be operational even at extremely low temperatures, no hydraulic technology was used. Instead, electric motors are housed in the exoskeleton of the limbs, which transmit the power mechanically via gear wheels.